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Northern California homeowners may want to consider Advanced Security, a company that claims to offer quality customer attention and tailored protection. While the company certainly isn’t the largest in California–limited to operating in just four cities–it has an excellent rating with the BBB for customer service. It promises to help you find the security system that your home needs, offering you peace of mind and protection just the way you want it.


Advanced Security uses a wide range of products, made by a number of different manufacturers. For example, the control panels are made by Bosch, a European company that has proven adept at producing quality systems. While the quality may not be up to the standard of GE equipment, Bosch devices are a match for the Honeywell security systems. While not as affordable, they are just as reliable and equally user-friendly.

First Alert sirens, smoke detectors, and environmental monitors are all available via Advanced Security. The First Alert devices are made by Honeywell, and are known to connect to any security system. They are affordable and reliable, making them an excellent choice. For those connecting to wireless security systems, Advanced Security offers equipment made by Telguard, a company that doesn’t quite match 2GIG for cellular services.

Monitoring and Services

Advanced Security does its own monitoring rather than outsource it to a large national network like ADT or Protection-1, which has both its benefits and drawbacks. The monitoring staff are very familiar with the layout of the city, so they will be able to contact the closest first responders easily. With their knowledge of the region, the staff will provide instant assistance. However, they may not be as highly trained as the professionals employed by the larger monitoring networks.

The monitoring station is online 24 hours a day, and with multiple redundancies to ensure that it is always keeping an eye on your home. There is little risk that a break-in or power outage will knock the monitoring offline, and all data is backed up both on and off-site. The company promises to place you as the customer as their highest priority.

The fact that Advanced Security has an A+ review with the BBB means that the company offers reliable customer service. Online reviews rate the company highly, mentioning the professionalism of the technicians, the punctuality of service providers, instant response to all emails and messages, and easy administration of old alarm systems. Advanced Security may not be the largest security company in Northern California, but the locals seem to be content with its services.


Advanced Security offers one of the best monitoring rates in the state, with a monthly fee of $24.50/month for the most basic packages. Compared to the $40 or $50/month fees charged by larger Californian companies, it’s an excellent rate. The cost of the installation and equipment depends on the devices purchased.

The Good

The company has excellent reviews and an A+ rating with the BBB, indicating quality customer service

At $24.50/month, Advanced Security’s monitoring services is one of the most affordable in the state of California

The Bad

The company is only local to Northern California, operating in Crescent City, Eureka, Santa Rose, and Ukiah

And The Ugly

Very little information is available via their website, so it’s difficult to find information on pricing, monitoring, equipment packages, etc.

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Available Benefits

  • Wired Monitoring Systems
  • Wireless Monitoring Systems
  • Fire/Smoke/CO2 Sensors
  • Remote Access/Control
  • Home Automation Devices
  • One-Touch Operation
  • Motion Detectors
  • Door/Window/Glass Break Monitors

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