5 Unexpected Benefits of Installing Home Security Cameras

home surveillance camera

When you think about installing security cameras in and around your home, the first thing that comes to mind is probably the potential to identify and catch burglars. Most people know, unfortunately, how rare it is for police to ever track down your burglar and the little chance there is of recovering your belongings even if he is found.

That’s the reason most people don’t install cameras, thinking, “If the criminal is already in my house, it’s too late.” But there are a lot of reasons to install a security camera, other than catching a burglar in the act. Here are just a handful to consider.

Checking the Honesty of Your Employees
Between babysitters, personal assistants, cleaning crews, and handymen, you likely have a lot of people come through your home on a regular basis. Many of them might have access to private areas of your home, like your office, where you keep financial documents, or your bedroom, where you store valuable family heirlooms. If something goes missing, interrogating the people you hire can be quite uncomfortable. Furthermore, it can tarnish your relationship with those who are innocent—the mere fact you suspect them can make them resent you. A surveillance camera can help you skip the guesswork and may provide proof that an employee took something, or entered a room they were forbidden to go in.

Mischievous Pets
Do you have a pet who seems to lead a secret life as a trapeze artist? Clearly, he can climb and balance on anything because he keeps sneaking onto your counters to steal food, no matter how many obstacles you put in his way. A surveillance camera can help you determine, once and for all, how your pet does it, and what you can do to prevent his thievery. Furthermore, if you have two pets, and suspect one is eating the other’s food, but are not always present to witness it, a security camera can help you determine this, too. A camera can help you ensure both pets are getting the nutrition they need.

If a Tree Falls…
What happens if you wake up one day and a giant tree that borders your property and your neighbor’s has fallen into your yard? Who is responsible? Your neighbor may claim that since the tree fell onto your property, you should have to pay to have it removed. Your surveillance camera facing the front yard, however, may show that your neighbor accidentally backed his truck into that tree last night, causing the old, brittle thing to break and fall. That certainly puts a different spin on who is responsible for the damages.

The Dog Walker 
If you work away from home during the week and have a pet, you might hire a dog walker to come over each day and take your furry friend out. Your dog, naturally, cannot tell you if the walker came. You could potentially be paying someone for a service they are not rendering. Your surveillance cameras can show you if and when the dog walker comes, and for how long they walk your pup. If you pay for a half hour walk, your dog should get the full half hour.

Insurance Claims
As you likely know, insurance companies make you jump through hoops if you want to make a claim about anything being damaged or stolen. Should something catch fire on your property due to a faulty electrical wiring job that was done by an electrical company, your insurance company will want proof that you didn’t accidentally just throw a lit match on it. Your surveillance cameras can prove that. If your home is burglarized, your insurance company will want proof of that. How else will they know that you don’t simply want some money? And still have your supposed stolen objects in your possession?

In cases of fraud, theft, stolen goods or any dishonesty, working on a he said/she said model rarely achieves results. Your surveillance camera can provide indisputable evidence in many of life’s stickier situations.

Posted on Tuesday, February 21st, 2017