11 Genius Hiding Places for Your Cherished Goods

burglar break in

Burglars are always catching on to new hiding spots for our valuables. Some of your hiding spots may be rather difficult to get to, so even if they’re obvious, you may think, “What burglar would take the time to check there and run the risk of  being caught?” Well, if a burglar caught on to the fact that you were on vacation and wouldn’t be home for days, he would have all the time in the world to turn your home upside down. So we need to get smarter about where we keep our valuables.

Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered! Here are 11 genius places to hide your cherished belongings. Keep them safe always and rest a little easier knowing they won’t be easy to find.

1. Inside a Vacuum Cleaner

Don’t throw away your old, bag-eating vacuum. Hold onto it, remove the bag, and place private documents inside. These weigh about as much as the vacuum bag would, so even if a burglar has to move the vacuum, they won’t suspect a thing.

2. Inside Swiffer Pad Cartons

Once you’ve used up your Swiffer pads, hold onto the carton and load a few valuables into it. Burglars rarely check under the kitchen sink for goods, but if they do, they’ll look right past this cleaning product. You can even pad the inside walls with a Swiffer cloth to keep your valuables from making any loud, obvious noises when the carton is moved aside.

3. Beneath False Flowers

You can put things like jewelry or keys at the bottom of a vase. Again, wrap your belongings in a cloth or old t-shirt so they don’t jangle and remember not to fill the vase with water. Add fake flowers and your hiding place is set.

4. Inside Video Cassette Cases

Buy some video cassette cases and label them with names like “Christmas 2002” and “Emily’s Ballet Recital.” If you have actual VHS tapes, line a shelf or drawer with them and hide your one or two trick-cases – filled with your valuables – among them. Burglars are unlikely to open every individual case looking for hidden trinkets.

5. Inside a Child’s Toy

If your kids have any toys that unzip or open up, stash some cash in there. Cash doesn’t weigh much and if a burglar picks the toy up while rummaging around, he won’t notice a thing. Plus, burglars rarely check a child’s room, since there aren’t typically valuables in there.

6. Inside of a Fake Pipe

Install a pipe in your basement that isn’t connected to anything, unscrew the pipe and store things inside. Burglars aren’t concerned with the complicated structure of a pipeline when they’re rummaging through your basement for valuables. Chances are they won’t notice that one pipe isn’t quite where it should be – they may not even take a double glance at the walls or ceilings if they aren’t near a window or opening.

7. Inside the Garage Door Opener Shroud

First off, a burglar would have to get into your garage to check this box, which few attempt to do once they’ve made it into your home. Second, the fact that you had valuables in the garage door opener shroud would never even cross a burglar’s mind.

8. Behind the Magic Tile

Have your handyman hollow out one of the tiles on your bathroom wall. You can create a recessed drawer that will slide into the wall and cover it with a tile that matches the surrounding ones. Smart burglars aren’t going to spend hours testing each individual tile in your home on the off chance that you may have used one to hide something. It’s not efficient for them, but it’s amazingly smart of you!

9. Inside of a Door

The wood panels used to make doors are rather thick. At the top of that panel, you can drill a hole about as deep as a wad of cash and—you guessed it—stuff a wad of cash. Burglars are usually concerned with getting past doors, but not with checking inside of them.

10. Inside of an Old Shoe

Lift the pad of an old sneaker and stuff some cash in there. Burglars rarely take shoes, and if they do, they go after the brand new, designer ones. This is also a great hiding place for small jewels, documents, or wallets.

11. Inside the Base of a Land Line

Even if your entire family uses cell phones now, hold onto your old land line. You can open up the base of the receiver and store items inside of it. A burglar may be smart enough to yank out the landline cord, but not pick up your landline or check inside.

Just because a burglar finds his or her way into your home doesn’t mean they’re going to find your valuables. Use a quality security system to prevent break-ins from happening, but give yourself a backup plan by keeping your cherished items in these genius hiding places.

Posted on Friday, March 17th, 2017