11 Awesome Self-Defense Blog Posts

Here at Home Security Systems.net, we take great pride in offering valuable information about keeping you and your possessions safe with a home alarm system. But have you ever considered any other form of self-defense like a firearm or enrolling a martial arts class? Have you ever thought out what you’d do if attacked in the street, or a bar, or in a dimly lit parking garage? Would you know how to protect yourself?

We want to make sure you’re safe in your everyday life, so check out these awesome blog posts (listed in no particular order) to further inform and prepare yourself from the potential dangers life will most certainly present at one point or another…

Using Three Martial Arts Principles to Survive a Mob Attack! – This is an in-depth article on how to avoid becoming a victim when caught in a situation like a volatile mob protest.

8 Self-Defense Tips Every Woman Should Know… – A must read for all women. This article details eight self-defense tips every woman should know and how to execute them.

Choosing The Best Self Defense Gun – This is an awesome starting point for anyone that is looking into purchasing a firearm for their home or concealed carry. The author describes the benefits and drawbacks of handguns, rifles and shotguns.

Your Fortress Home – A unique and informative perspective on how to turn your home into a fortress in the event of a major disaster and how to secure it.

Protecting Against Home Invasions – An inside look into a home invader’s mindset and rationale. It offers tips on what to expect once a burglar enters your home and what you can do to be ready to strike back.

Which Martial Art is the Best? – A very interesting post in which the author argues that there isn’t a single best martial art for self-defense. The best thing to do would be to master many different types and execute them according to the circumstance.

Women’s Self Defense Training – Be Equipped – This is a great piece that details how women can use lethal and non-lethal weapons to protect themselves from being attacked.

Self Defense Tips: 10 Tips to Date Rape Prevention —  This article in particular details how women can increase vigilance and awareness of your surroundings to avoid being a victim of sexual assault.

Dog Saves Girl; Man’s Best Friend to the Rescue! —  A great post about having a dog not only as a companion animal, but as a guardian.

7 Deadly Improvised Self-Defense Weapons —  A must read post on improvisational weapons you can find near or on you if you’re in need of protecting yourself.

Don’t Mess with Me: Self-Defense Tips and Tools — A former bartender that’s seen her share of rowdy bar fights gives great advice on how to stay vigilant and prevent being a victim of senseless violence.

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Posted on Thursday, March 17th, 2011